Our Services

Our expertise in ecological restoration and highly skilled and qualified team means that we are able to offer out our services externally. We offer a range of services in environmental conservation delivered by friendly, reliable, qualified and experienced staff. 

Please see below for more information about the type of services we offer, and feel free to contact us if you would like to enquire about how we might be able to assist you. 

Animal Pest Control

We maintain a network of 120 traps and have successfully removed over 1300 pest animals since 2010, including 582 rats and 212 mustelids over the past 10 years. It’s not unusual for us to catch two animals in our double DOC 200’s! We use a range of traps to suit our needs. 

We undertake large baiting operations and deploy a tight grid of over 250 bait stations throughout Maketū Spit on an annual basis to eliminate mice and rabbits. By removing their prey, this helps reduce and eliminate local populations of stoats, cats and ferrets. 

Talk to us today about your animal pest control needs. We can design your trap grid, deploy and check your traps and summarise your catches and success rates. 

Pest Plant Control

Pampas, gorse, blackberry, inkweed, tree lupin, Italian buckthorn, boneseed, senecio, paspalum, glyceria, spartina, cow cress and a range of other invasive weeds are no challenge for our highly experienced team.  

We pair our LUV or small boat with one of our 100 or 220 litre spray tanks, a 5 hp pump and a 200 m hose to access those hard to reach areas. Our highly experienced team combats and controls weeds and invasive pest plants throughout the 140 ha that we regularly manage. 

We can help identify and control or eradicate invasive or unwanted pest plants in your area or on your property. Don’t let those nasty weeds spread, they’ll be a bigger problem next month, next year! Call us today. 

Planting and Plant Maintenance

Our team is highly experienced with planting in a range of habitats including sand dunes, wetlands, stream margins, coastal and tidal areas. Over the years, our team has planted or has assisted with planting over 23,000 dune and wetland plants. 

We have a strong relationship with Coast Care and often work together to plant and restore the local sand dune habitats. The challenges of tightly compacted soils of the lower car park or the 60 degree slope of the cliff-face at Newdick’s Beach couldn’t prevent our team from planting over 5000 dune plants.

If you need an area planted then contact us today. 

Ecological Monitoring

Do you want to ensure your pest control operations are increasing the native biodiversity? Do you want to know what organisms inhabit your area or property? Our team of ecologists and biodiversity officers can design and implement baseline and follow up monitoring programmes for birds, plants, invertebrates and reptiles.  

Our ecological monitoring services include: five minute bird counts, call playback surveys, pitfall trapping and artificial cover objects for terrestrial invertebrates and reptiles, macro-invertebrate surveys to determine MCI (Macroinvertebrate Community Index) and other aquatic parameters, rapid point count surveys of dune vegetation and animal and pest monitoring using chew cards and tracking tunnels. 

For technical projects, we partner with reputable firms to deliver exceptional ecological services.  

Give us a call today to discuss what monitoring programmes we can design and undertake for you. 

Infrastructure, Fencing and Site Maintenance

Our team is experienced with fencing, infrastructure, mowing and site maintenance.  

Are you worried about new legislation requiring adequate fencing to exclude stock from waterways? The government estimates over 32,000 km of streams must be fenced prior to 2025 and MOWS is here to help! Our team is experienced with fencing and fence construction and can help ensure your farm is compliant. 

Don’t need a fence but sick of mowing or trimming a large piece of land or empty plot? MOWS has that covered as well. Our range of mowers and weed trimmers can tackle any area including rougher grass and uneven terrain. Call us today and we will have it looking flash in no time. 

Community and School Education

Our education team has delivered over 300 hours of in-class talks and presentations and has hosted over 150 field trips to hundreds of tamariki throughout the Maketū, Te Puke, Paegenaroa, Pongakawa areas. 

We can provide high quality classroom based lesson and field trips on a variety of subjects including rocky shore, marine, forest, estuaries, freshwater and dune ecology. 

For more information on our educational delivery services, check out our education page.