Projects and Environment

Environmental Programmes (EPs) are five year ecological restoration plans that are carried out by a Care Group and funded by BOPRC, WBOPDC and DOC, and at the end of five years they can be renewed. We obtained our first EP for Maketū Spit in 2014 (at the time it was a called a Biodiversity Management Plan or BMP) and it is now into its second 5 year term.

We also have EPs covering Newdick’s Beach, Dotterel Point Pukehina, and Waihī Wetland. In partnership with Maketu Taiapure Trust we hold a 6th EP for Te Huauri o Te Kawa (previously known as the Borrow Pits or By de Lay Wetland).

Please CLICK HERE to view our annual BMP report for 2020.

See the links below for more about information about each of our EPs.