Bay Conservation Alliance

MOWS is a member of Bay Conservation Alliance, an umbrella group started by our Chairman Julian Fitter in 2017.

The role of BCA is to “support and grow the capability and impact of our communities and partners, to restore and preserve natural ecosystems and indigenous biodiversity.” Community conservation groups often rely on just a small number of people, usually volunteers to keep their organisation running. There is a huge amount of work involved, not just the on the ground conservation work, but the unseen tasks such as admin and accounting. BCA is able to assist with these aspects of operation and more. We are very grateful and proud to be under the BCA umbrella!

See the videos below for more information on Bay Conservation Alliance and their BCA Cadet – Tauira Mahi programme. This is a 12 week programme offering paid employment and training for people wanting to work and volunteer in the conservation sector. Find out more here

See below to view Bay Conservation Alliance’s annual reports on their website.